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Rosewood Romance

Rosewood Romance

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Rosewood Romance - Unisex - 50ML

Sensual, Subtle, Exotic.

A Sensuous Saffron Symphony

Indulge in the poetic allure of Rosewood Romance Perfume. This fragrance is a testament to the timeless elegance of jasmine and the rich warmth of amberwood, creating a melodic dance of notes that envelops you in a symphony of beauty and intrigue. From the captivating opening to the lingering embrace, Rosewood Romance Perfume weaves a tale of romance and sophistication.

As you wear Rosewood Romance Perfume, you'll witness the transformation that takes place. The fragrance evolves on your skin, revealing the different facets of its composition. From the sensual opening of jasmine to the embrace of amberwood and the lingering traces of fir resin and cedar, every note tells a story that speaks to the heart.

Scent Profile:

  • Top Notes: The top notes would be the first thing you smell when you apply the perfume. They would be rich and complex, with a hint of sweetness from the jasmine. The jasmine would add a heady and intoxicating note, the saffron would add a warm and exotic note. (Jasmine, Saffron)
  • Heart Notes: The heart notes would develop after the top notes had faded. They would be a more complex blend of woods and resins, with the amberwood adding a warm and smoky note, and the ambergris adding a sweet and earthy note. (Amberwood, Ambergris)
  • Base Notes: The base notes would provide a grounding and enveloping finish to the perfume. The fir resin would add an earthy and resinous note, and the cedar adding a woody and earthy note. (Fir resin, Cedar)
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