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Millionaire Aura

Millionaire Aura

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Millionaire Aura - Mens - 50ML

Citrusy, Woody, Earthy.

Minty zest, floral heart, deep leather base – unforgettable.

Step into the world of refined luxury and captivating allure with Millionaire Aura, a fragrance that embodies the essence of opulence. This perfume is a testament to your distinctive taste and the aura of success you carry with you.

Millionaire Aura is a declaration of your elevated presence. Wear it on grand occasions or in your everyday moments to emanate an aura of success and confidence. This fragrance is your secret weapon to leave an indelible mark, captivating everyone around you with your irresistible charm.

Scent Profile:

  • Top Notes: The top notes are the first thing you smell when you apply the perfume. The zesty brightness of blood orange and grapefruit intertwines, offering a burst of citrus energy that awakens the senses. Mint lends a refreshing coolness to the composition, creating a harmonious balance with the fruitiness. Together, these top notes create a vibrant and invigorating introduction that invites you into the olfactory journey. (Blood Orange, Grapefruit, Mint)
  • Heart Notes: The heart notes develop after the top notes have faded. The heart of the fragrance emerges, revealing a tapestry of warmth and spice. Cinnamon takes centre stage, infusing the composition with its rich and aromatic character, evoking a sense of comfort and allure. The heart notes are further enriched by a selection of spicy nuances, contributing to the complexity of the heart. Rose adds a touch of floral elegance, intertwining with the spices to create a captivating and intricate heart that beckons you deeper into the scent. (Cinnamon, Rose)
  • Base Notes: The base notes are a grounding and enveloping finish to the perfume. Amber envelops the composition in a warm and enveloping embrace, exuding a sense of sensuality and depth. Leather adds a smoky and slightly animalic facet, enhancing the overall complexity of the fragrance. Patchouli, along with Indian patchouli, adds an earthy and musky depth, grounding the scent with a touch of mystery. The base notes create an enduring and captivating foundation that lingers on the skin, leaving an impression of elegance and allure. (Amber, Leather, Indian Patchouli)
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Value for money purchase

Incredible strong scent and a perfect gift. Absolutely loved it. Well worth the spend and excellent customer service definitely recommend it.