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Cherry Noir

Cherry Noir

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Cherry Noir - Unisex - 50ML

Sweet, Fruity, Woody.

Captivating Elegance, Cherry Temptation Unleashed.

Watch as the fragrance unfolds, revealing a multi-faceted composition that is both captivating and complex. From the first notes that kiss your skin to the lingering traces of seduction, Cherry Noir Perfume is a sensory masterpiece that ignites passion and desire.

This exquisite fragrance is a tantalising symphony of rich and opulent notes that dance together to create an irresistible aura of temptation. 

Scent Profile:

  • Top Notes: The top notes are the first thing you smell when you apply the perfume. It is rich and complex, with a hint of sweetness from the cherry. The bitter almond adds a slightly bitter and almondy note, the liqueur adds a sweet and boozy note, and the black cherry adds a sweet and tart note. (Bitter almond, Liqueur, Black cherry)
  • Heart Notes: The heart notes develop after the top notes had faded. It is a complex blend of cherries, flowers, and spices, with the sour cherry adding a tart and fruity note, the plum adding a sweet and juicy note, the Turkish rose adding a sweet and heady note, and the jasmine sambac adding a sweet and floral note. (Sour cherry, Plum, Turkish rose, Jasmine sambac)
  • Base Notes: The base notes provide a grounding and enveloping finish to the perfume. The tonka bean adds a sweet and vanilla-like note, the vanilla adds a sweet and creamy note, the cinnamon adds a warm and spicy note, the Peru balsam adds a resinous and earthy note, the benzoin adds a sweet and balsamic note, the sandalwood adds a warm and woody note, the cloves add a warm and spicy note, the cedar adds a woody and earthy note, the patchouli adds an earthy and musky note, and the vetiver adds a earthy and grassy note. (Tonka bean, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Peru balsam, Benzoin, Sandalwood, cloves, Cedar, Patchouli, Vetiver)
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Customer Reviews

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cherry noir

I loved this scent. Since it’s an oil perfume it’s perfect for layering with your other fragrances. I layered this with another cherry perfume and it bought out the cherry and woods notes well.